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Roy's Aircraft Picture Library Part III

I hope you enjoy this third page of my aviation-related pictures - if you have some plane photos you would like to see on the Internet please email a jpeg/gif of them to
We will strive to have your acceptable photos up here within the week and email you the URL.

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b52_sunset_take-off.jpg(87937 bytes) f111e_the_chief_at_upper_heyford_open_day.jpg(59727 bytes) f16_at_riat_vulcan_bg.jpg(62964 bytes) gr4.jpg (65655 bytes)
Nice shot of two B52s at sunset off TV

Buff take-off into the gloom

F111E The Chief at the last Upper Heyford Open Day F16 at RIAT in the mid-80s with Vulcan B2 in background Those were the days - the McDD ad for the RAF's newest acquisition at the time
hfb320_luftwaffe_ecm_trainer_upper_heyford.jpg(58665 bytes) bba1.jpg (55551 bytes) bba2.jpg (54753 bytes) bba3.jpg (49950 bytes) rn_buccaneer_launch.jpg(46108 bytes)
Luftwaffe ECM trainer at Upper Heyford OD Luftwaffe F4 at Upper Heyford OD
Some of the airliners to be seen at Cosford Aerospace museum Fine plan shot of RAF Tornado from an old issue of the ST.

The RAF did not want the Bucc but liked it when it was forced on them when they took the carriers off the RN!

bba5.jpg (52117 bytes) bba6.jpg (56612 bytes) bba7.jpg (57349 bytes)

bba8.jpg (64247 bytes)

rs1.jpg (69901 bytes)

Another TV shot - this time of RN SHAR Swiss AF display team Hunter at RIAT in mid-80s TSR2 looks a bit sorry for itself outside at Duxford next to F100 Wishing I had a better camera - Buff shortly after take-off at Mildenhall

  Another of those old adverts - this time of the ill-fated F20 Tigershark

rs2.jpg (69290 bytes) rs3.jpg (58363 bytes) lancaster_raf_abingdon.jpg(90569 bytes) f105_upper_heyford.jpg(87952 bytes) raf_abingdon_athome_prog.jpg(62529 bytes)
  One of the first avmags I bought from 1966   Kaman Husky at Upper Heyford 1966 (ish) Lancaster undergoes some last minute engine servicing and where better than RAF Abingdon   Thud hiding in the fairground at Upper Heyford.. Abingdon line-up plus ticket
rs7.jpg (63747 bytes) rs8.jpg (64166 bytes) vulcan_heyford_show60s.jpg(64341 bytes)  raf_sticker_vulcan_tforce.jpg vs  
Caroline Grace taxis her Spitfire at Duxford Red Arrows in the murk over soon-to-be RAF VC10 tankers at Abingdon Another Vulcan shot - from Upper Heyford display in 1966 Souvenir of 80s airshows To end with a nice cover shot of an old AI mag 

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