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Roy's Aircraft Picture Library Part IV

I hope you enjoy this fourth page of my aviation-related pictures - if you have some plane photos you would like to see on the Internet please email a jpeg/gif of them to
We will strive to have your acceptable photos up here within the week and email you the URL.

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TSR2 in hangar at Cranfield<empty> TSR2 take-off TSR2 just airborne TSR2 takes off in the wet TSR2 plus Lightning
LQ shot of TSR2 prototype skulking in the hangar at Cranfield - sorry for poor quality pic I took it as a kid in the 60s with a Kodak Brownie camera with no flash

TSR2 take-off - an off-the-TV photo but worthwhile as a souvenir

Just airborne, the TSR2 prototype shows off its sprightly perfromance - note the double wheel u/c TSR2 launches in the wet from a different angle, another TV shot Two favourites - two EE products - only one made it into service - the TSR2 and the Lightning chase plane come into land
a10 mh airbus(55551 bytes) a7.jpg (54753 bytes) aishar (49950 bytes) chinooks(46108 bytes)
A10 and F4G in the static at Mildenhall AA Boeing 767 taken through the a/p window
Sluffy - ANG A7 Corsair at Marham in the early 1980s
Cover of an April 1990 AI showing SHARs landing

Piggyback Chinooks - Can you guess what is wrong with this photo?

victor(52117 bytes) mig29 (56612 bytes) tsr2 (57349 bytes)

meteornf (64247 bytes)

fmprog (69901 bytes)

A TV shot - this is the nose-art of Gulf War vet Victor now in private hands. Czech MiG29 at Upper Heyford in early-90s OH static prior to display TSR2 looks a bit sorry for itself outside at Duxford next to F100 Protected from dismal weather at Duxford the NF Meteor in an older paint scheme

  Cover of the inaugural Fighter Meet airshow

wpcovhelo (69290 bytes) f4g (58363 bytes) crochf16(90569 bytes) buccaneer(87952 bytes) vulcan(62529 bytes)
  One of the many avmags I have - 'Warplane' collect the set!   F4G showing HARM at Upper Heyford 1992 (ish) Lucky so and so - Stevo gets the ride of his life in a USAF F16   RAF Buccaneer equipped with IFR probe in Brize static Airfix mag article on the model and history of Vulcan
chinook b25 a20  chieftain aiviggen  
All aboard the RAF Chinook at Briz open day in the early 90s My visit to Chino in 1986 yielded some good photo opps like this heavily armed B25 Mitchell Another Chino shot - the A20 Invader probably now a fire tanker Something unusual - the Chieftain tank which guards the Land Warfare Hall at Duxford To end with another nice cover shot of an old AI with a feature on Sweden's Viggens

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