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Roy's Aircraft Picture Library Part V

I hope you enjoy this fourth page of my aviation-related pictures - if you have some plane photos you would like to see on the Internet please email a jpeg/gif of them to
We will strive to have your acceptable photos up here within the week and email you the URL.

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b29 cover tracker cover martin-baker ad Bruntingthorpe ad AH1 advert
Let's kick-off with a cover shot - a fine US mag with a good article on the last B29 raid.

An old mag cover showing a Grumman Tracker

A Martin Baker ad from the 60s, ironic use of Vulcan since only 2 of the crew got MB seats! The place to see a live Vulcan doing ground runs - Bruntingthorpe The first true dedicated gunship helo - the Cobra
lancaster fp cover lw f4 mag cover canberra avnews cover vulcan cover vulcan bc
I like other Avro bombers too - this mag has both! German avmag cover with F4 article Used to subscribe to AvNews - nice cover shot of Canberra
German avmag bought on travels - not much on Vulcan inside though

Excerpt from an old aviation book club brochure

comet tsr2 (57349 bytes)

meteornf (64247 bytes)

WW SM cover

Sawn-off veteran - I presume this is a fire-training plane at Gatwick in late 80s... Texas trip in 88 - view from the AA DC10 Shuttleworth display ad - never been there funnily enough. Cranfield Lightning line up in the early 90s, only the T5 remains...

Wild Weasel special issue, one of my favourite a/c

vulcan ad crochf16(90569 bytes) buccaneer(87952 bytes)
An advert from a 1955 Aeroplane magazine, click for full ad. Rear view of Duxford's Victor showing flappery down, click for bigger view. Cover of the 1988 Cranfield Air Race - first and last, fantastic, click for full cover... Bucc with IFR probe Raising the Wellington from Loch Ness, early 80s.
f20 f20 f20  lightning victor harrier ifr victor  
It's about time we included pix of the F20 Tigershark - I saw the display at Farnborough in 83, awesome... what a shame all around.. How could we resist such performance? Political assassination methinks. The sting of the F20 - Sparrows and Sidewinders (+ cannon). At Farnboro the wingtips carried smoke gennerators, will try to find the pix and put them up. There's not much on the web on the F20, shame.

Back to the heydays, a Lightning awaits IFR from a Victor

- from a postcard.

One from a 60s era mag showing a Kestrel/Harrier IFR from a white Victor.

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