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Roy's Aircraft Picture Library Part II

I hope you enjoy this second page of my aviation-related pictures - if you have some plane photos you own the copyright to and you would like to see on the Internet please email a jpeg/gif of them to
We will strive to have acceptable photos up here within the week and email you the URL.

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sr71 a10 tsr2 lightning raven
Nice mag cover with SR71 Blackbird

A10 at Duxford - Business end of GAU8 Cannon

TSR2 at Cosford Aerospace Museum Lightning at Cosford Aerospace Museum EF111 Raven at UK home base, Upper Heyford OH
b1 b17 b25 rapide Draken
B1 in static at Mildenhall 2001 B17G nose turret at Duxford
B25 in the shop with Spitfire tail Dragon Rapide joyrides at Duxford

Saab Draken at Duxford

anson f111e catalina


Roy and A10

Anson hides under SR71 tail at Duxford F111E tail at Duxford Catalina frames Sally B B17 at Duxford SR71 jetpipe at Duxford

  YHWM at RIAT 1983

WW F4 vulcan vulcan vulcan vulcan
  Rear-end of US Weasel Phantom   Vulcan flyover at Mildenhall 1989 (ish)  Vulcan K2 at Brize 1983 (ish)   Vulcan K2 tail at Brize 1983 (ish) Vulcan K2 tail at MAF 82
valleyvamp Tristar Tornado  b25 Bucc  
Vampire gate guardian RAF Valley Anglesey RAF Tristar tanker at Brize Luftwaffe Tornado at MAF B25 and Avenger (above) at Duxford Lightning rides anyone? 

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