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Roy's Aircraft Picture Library Page I

Updated Weekly

I hope you enjoy this first page of my aviation-related pictures - if you have some plane photos you would like to see on the Internet please email a jpeg/gif of them to
We will strive to have acceptable photos up here within the week and email you the URL.... as you can see from this lot, perfect quality is not essential. We are looking for pix which tell a story or have some historic novelty. I include some stuff from my escapades in the eighties because there's already loads of pix on the web from more recent times.. something to do with digital cameras and the web I suspect. Or the Vulcan B1 at Cosford which is tragically no longer with us. If you have pix like this we'd love to hear from you.

Click on thumbnail to enlarge image.

bader_tribute_sticker air_tattoo_sticker83 cosford display vulcan b1 p38
Nice souvenir from a RIAT-style event in 1983

The Big Event of 1983 - another sticker souvenir

Cosford Aerospace Museum chose an RAF Hawk for its sticker
Vulcan B1 peeps over a yellow Meteor at Cosford (can just see tail of Victor B1)
One of my TV shots - nose of P38 showing 'kills'
f16 b52 f4 a7 a6
F16 in static at RIAT83
B52G nose at RIAT83
Tail end of Grim Reapers F14 at RIAT83
A7 Corsair II in RIAT static

Grumman A6 at RIAT 83

biggin_hill_p51 cosford_lightning_gnat duxford_b29

duxford vulcan

Duxford Victor

P51 overflies C130 and Turbo Firecracker at Biggin in 82
Unusual to see Lightning and Gnat on the grass (Cosford)
B29 tail at Duxford
Blue Steel missile and Vulcan at Duxford

  Victor at Duxford with air-brakes extended

Rapide Marham Victor Victor K2 Harrier GR3 RAF F4J
  The Dragon Rapide I had my first flight in at Sywell
Victor tail at Marhaml 1984 (ish)
 Victor K2 at Marham 1984 (ish)
 Harrier GR3 departs - note IFR probe
F4J at Marham
Victor K2 RIAT Jolly RIAT Lynx  Pucara Lightning T5  
Victor Tanker at RAF Marham
USAFE Super Jolly at Middle Wallop
Lynx at RIAT showing Sea Skua missiles
Captured Pucara at RIAT
Lightning Trainer at Alconbury 

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Meanwhile, have you set up your PC to run a slide-show of your pix? The newer versions of Windows have this but you can get some better effects with adjustable settings so as to make a screen-saver from free downloadable software such as 'gPhotoShow' - to get this go here. easy to set up and run - sit back and watch smooth transitions from one plane to the next... See my other website at: GaN-Net News